Monday, March 2, 2015

Year Six

It’s hard to believe that I have been training six days a week for six years.  Yet here I am starting my seventh and last year of this Muscle Marathon.  I started out at age 72 and I am now 78 and still training.  That in itself is quite an accomplishment.  Most men my age are living a sedentary life eating as much of whatever they want and doing as little as possible.  I’m sorry to say that is how “retirement” is defined here is the USA.
As you know if you have been following my yearly updates, I have been putting more emphasis on the spiritual side of my journey and less on the physical these past few years.  However, I still train just as hard and I still use the same poundage I started using on year four for my routine.  I found just enough poundage for each body part so as not to cause injury but still enough weight to keep my muscles working hard so that muscle atrophy doesn’t set in. 
My diet has stayed the same for year six as it was for year five.  I still take my whey protein isolate with breakfast and lunch but I no longer take it with dinner.  I found that 50 grams of added protein works the best for me – not too much and not too little.   My body weight has stayed right around 160 pounds all year.  I believe I look the same now as I did in year five with no marked difference.  Since I have been putting the emphasis on the spiritual side of my marathon I decided not to take any posing photos of my physical self this year.  I do have one of me on the beach on Half Moon Kay in the Bahamas when my wife and I were there on a sea cruise in April but that’s about it.
I continue to do bamboo and tree blossom painting with Chinese characters added plus some small landscape paintings. 
As for my yearly physical checkup I am happy to report that my Doctor E-mailed me, ….“keep up what you are doing. You are in great health”

So in year seven, the final year of my marathon, I will follow my doctor’s recommendation and continue training and eating as I have been doing.  Be sure and check back next year, March 1, 2016, as I complete my seven year marathon and sum up the experience. 

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